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Basic Terms of Social Bookmarking

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January 5, 2013
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Basic Terms of Social Bookmarking

You come across tons of content online in the form of text, photos and video when you surf. It’s impossible to remember URLs of the every page or site you’ve visited for future reference. Thus far, you’ve done this by adding these links to your browser’s favorites. But what happens when you want to access it from another computer or share your favorites with friends , or the world in general?  Read my previous post -“What is Social Bookmarking”

 social bookmarking

Now, Social bookmarking sites comes to the rescue which offer services that let you register, store your bookmarks, organize them and categorize them in the way you want by adding tags. Most importantly, these sites give you an option of keeping those bookmarks private or accessible by the public.

Bookmarking services usually show the bookmark creator’s name and link to his/her bookmark compilation. This makes it easy for visitors to connect with other individuals by accessing and sharing bookmarks of similar interests. Most of these sites have user-contributed content – visitors can only view the bookmarks and comments, while only registered members can vote, rate and comment on a particular post.


 Below you can go through some basic terms of bookmarking:

# Tags:

Tags are single word labels that are assigned to bookmarks in order to organize and remember them. For instance, all links of news stories or articles related to iPod, iPhone, Final Cut Pro, Mac OS X or Safari can be given a common tag – Apple.


Tag Clouds:

A tag cloud is the visual description and random placement of tags on a blog or Web site.



A linkroll is like a list of the links in the way you want them to appear on either of the sides on your Web site and/or blog using a script or HTML code.



A tagroll is list of tags which you wish to put up on your blog or site with the help of script of HTML code.



A small button made up of JavaScript to be embedded in a browser on the Personal Bar for bookmarking the visited content directly from its native page. This Bookmarklet eliminates the need to visit the home page of a subscribed bookmarking service.


Below are the lists of top most social bookmarking websites-



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